imagination childcare insights

We strive to provide a safe, high-quality, Christian environment that fosters early childhood development in each of the early childhood learning domains.  Our teachers and caregivers guide children through a balance of instructor-led and free play activities that stimulate a child’s imagination as well as his or her social, emotional, physical and intellectual development.  We design our programs to help prepare children for their life journey by providing opportunities to develop character and self-confidence by engaging them in age appropriate activities that trigger curiosity and promote social and critical thinking skills.

parent involvement in preschool

We believe that the involvement in a child’s preschool experience from parents and guardians is crucial to build a solid foundation for life-long learning and education.  We encourage parents and guardians to ask questions and partner with the teaching staff in order to reinforce concepts taught or experienced during the school day.

diversity and inclusion

We are proud to serve families with diverse backgrounds, and we select activities to promote cultural awareness in our programs.  In our loving environments, children are encouraged to explore and appreciate aspects of different cultures.  Our staff and children interact together in age appropriate activities to promote empathy, equity and understanding of diversity and inclusion.

health and safety at preschools

We provide safety and security for your child as well as peace of mind for you through our health and safety initiatives:

  • Secured Center Entry – Each center has secure keypad entry to ensure that only authorized staff or family members may enter
  • Secured Play Areas – Each center features a fenced outdoor play area to ensure that children can enjoy outdoor play in a monitored setting
  • Remote Emergency Monitoring – Each center has remote fire and emergency monitoring to alert authorities in case of an emergency
  • CPR and First Aid Trained Staff – We employ trained staff and teachers who are certified in both infant and child First Aid and CPR
  • Clean Environments – We sanitize play materials throughout the day and each evening to help prevent the spread of germs
  • Healthy Hygiene Habits – We teach children to wash their hands after using the bathroom, before and after meals and snacks  and other necessary times throughout the day
  • Safe Workforce – We send each new employee for fingerprinting and have criminal background checks conducted to ensure trustworthy staff in order to provide the best care and education for your child
  • Natural Disaster Training – Each staff member is trained for preparation to respond to tornadoes, fires and other lockdown situations